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Sid Hatfield: Dark Roast

Sid Hatfield: Dark Roast

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The Story:

Sid Hatfield was part of the family made famous with their feud with the McCoy clan in southern West Virginia.  But his story was well after the drama of that event. Sid Hatfield (1891-1921) was a police chief in Matewan, West Virginia during the early 20th century. He is best known for his role in the Matewan Massacre, a violent confrontation between striking coal miners and the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency in May 1920. Hatfield and a group of local miners, who were deputized as police officers, confronted the Baldwin-Felts agents who had come to town to evict striking miners from their homes. The confrontation turned violent and several people were killed, including seven Baldwin-Felts agents and two miners.

Hatfield became a hero to many West Virginia miners and their families, who saw him as a defender of their rights and a champion of the working class. However, he also became a target of the coal companies and the local law enforcement officials who supported them. In August 1921, Hatfield was killed in a shootout on the courthouse steps in Welch, West Virginia. The circumstances of his death are still disputed, but many believe that he was the victim of a conspiracy involving the coal companies and their allies in law enforcement. Hatfield's life and death have been the subject of numerous books, articles, and films, and he remains a beloved and controversial figure in West Virginia history.

The Roast:

Our blend honoring him is dark with notes of dark chocolate, caramelized sugar, toasted nut, and smooth roastiness. 



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