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Graveyard Shift: Extra Dark Roast

Graveyard Shift: Extra Dark Roast

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The Story:

Workin' the night shift in a coal mine is a tough job. They gotta move heavy machinery, drill and blast rocks, and do other jobs that can wear 'em out. All that hard work puts a strain on their bodies, and they're at risk of gettin' sick from breathing in all that dust and fumes. But it ain't just the physical part of the job that's hard. Working at night can mess with your head too. Them miners gotta stay up all night, and that can make it tough to get a good night's sleep. Some of 'em might get so tired they can't keep their eyes open, and that can lead to accidents and injuries. And bein' up all night means they miss out on spending time with their family and friends during the day.

But even with all them challenges, there's something to be said for working in a coal mine. It can give them miners a sense of belonging to a community of folks who are all working toward the same goal.

The Roast:

So if you gotta burn the midnight oil, or just need a little extra darkness in your soul, we got you covered. Extra dark, but not burnt. Bold, dark, and earthy with notes of bittersweet chocolate, char and a touch of smoke.


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