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Dirty Hands: Medium Roast -Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Special Label-

Dirty Hands: Medium Roast -Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Special Label-

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The Story:

Many coal miners know that their job is a dirty and dangerous one, but they often have no other options to earn a living. They spend most of their life underground, digging deep into the heart of the earth to extract coal, a vital resource that powers the homes and businesses of millions of folks.

Despite the challenges that come with coal mining, they take pride in their work. They know that the coal they haul out is essential for keeping the lights on and powering our society. But at the same time, they also know that the coal mining industry has an often dark and complicated history.

These miners identify with the phrase "dirty hands clean money" because, for them, the work they do is a means to an end. The money they earn is a result of the hard work and technical skill that they bring to their job every day. They can’t concern themselves with the ethics of the industry or the reputation it has, all they can do is focus on putting food on the table for themselves and their loved ones.

They know that there are some companies and individuals in the coal mining industry who engage in dark and unsavory things, but they also know that these practices are widespread and that they are simply a part of the job. They have seen their fair share of dangerous working conditions and worker exploitation, but what other options do they have?

For them, the phrase "dirty hands clean money" represents the idea that sometimes, to earn a living, one has to get their hands a little dirty.

The Roast:

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