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Lucky Canary: Medium/Light Roast -Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Special Label-

Lucky Canary: Medium/Light Roast -Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Special Label-

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The Story:

 The coal mining industry of the late 19th century was a dangerous one, as miners faced a constant threat of gas explosions due to the use of gas lamps in the mines. To help detect dangerous gas levels, miners began to bring canaries into the mines with them. These small birds were highly sensitive to toxic gases and would become ill or die before humans were affected.

The canaries were often kept in small cages near the miners, and if the birds showed any signs of distress, it was a clear indication that there was danger present. The miners knew that if the canary stopped singing, it was time to evacuate the mine immediately.

While the use of canaries in coal mines was effective, it was also a grim reminder of the constant danger that miners faced. The birds were used as sacrificial creatures, subjected to the same dangerous conditions as the miners, and kept in small, cramped cages.

As time passed, advances in technology allowed for the development of more reliable gas detectors, and the use of canaries in coal mines eventually became obsolete. However, the legacy of the canary in the coal mine lives on as a haunting reminder of the dangers of the past and the sacrifices made to ensure the safety of workers in hazardous conditions.


The Roast:

A careful blend of Yirgacheffe, Limu, and Nicaraguan beans (the same ones we use in our mother jones roast). This time we push them a little longer to a City Roast. (Med/light). The result is a bright citrusy cup with manageable acidity tempered by the roasty characteristics perfect for a morning cup. 

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