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Bridge Monster: XX Dark Roast

Bridge Monster: XX Dark Roast

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The Story:

They are a legendary creature that instills fear in the hearts of those who hear its eerie tale. It is said to possess a wingspan that stretches over ten feet, and its glowing red eyes can pierce through the darkness of the night. Its body is covered in dark fur or feathers, and it possesses the ability to fly at incredible speeds, leaving those who witness it in a state of terror and disbelief.

Reports of the monster span decades, with sightings increasing in the late 1960s in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Many believe that this "Bridge Monster" is a harbinger of doom, appearing before tragic events such as the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967, which claimed the lives of 46 people.

Despite numerous accounts of the creature, its origins and true nature remain a mystery. Some believe it to be an otherworldly being, while others claim it to be a cryptid or an undiscovered animal species. Regardless of its true identity, the Bridge Monster continues to be a chilling legend that haunts the minds of those who dare to explore the unknown parts of Appalachia.

The Roast:

A secret blend of beans roasted to A XX Dark roast level. Well balanced as a dark roast, but really shines as an espresso. Notes of dark Chocolate, mellow nuttiness, and dark berry. 




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